Introducing The Swim Shed…

Develop your families water confidence and swimming skills in our lovely warm pool.

Endless pool
Eight person hydrotherapy jacuzzi.
Eight person outdoor barrel sauna.
Sunbathing patio with loungers.
Swim coaching possible too.

mum and baby enjoying a swim in the warm swimming pool at Higher Lank Farm
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an ice cream sundae from the swimming pool snack bar

Develop your families water confidence and swimming skills

After  years of thinking and talking (as lots of you will know!) and months of plotting and scheming, we finally opened the doors of our indoor pool and jacuzzi in 2015. The addition of Covid to our lives has meant that our pool has become more important than ever for our guests.

In response to Covid our pool is now open for one cottage to use at a time, allowing you to swim and relax in complete safety. A chance for you to get back in the water with no one to invade your personal space and no compromise on your safety either.

Our swimming pool an endless pool (a triathalon training pool) and is heated by our biomass boiler. It’s indoors with big doors and windows opening on to the patio to make the most of the sunshine on a beautiful day. The secure sunbathing patio means you can relax outside between swims too.

There are changing rooms, with showers and  comfy seats to relax on before or after a swim. Our hydrotherapy jacuzzi seats up to 8 and is designed to ‘warm down’ after a training swim as well as being perfect to lounge and chat in too!.

The pool is open daily following animal feeding for a morning session and then again in the afternoon. Our Covid swim timetable is as follows:

Sunday             Bo Peep      10.30-12.30
Monday            Humpty      10.30-12.30
                         Bo Peep     16.00-18.00
Tuesday            Bo Peep     10.30-12.30
                         Humpty     16.00-18.00
Wednesday       Humpty     10.30-12.30
                         Bo Peep     16.00-18.00
Thursday          Bo Peep      10.30-12.30
                         Humpty      16.00-18.00
Friday               Humpty      10.30-12.30

We are not required by our insurance to lifeguard all swim sessions, but we do have to have a qualified first aider on call at all times.

Lucy has been a qualified A.S.A. swimming teacher since she first started her teaching career (a horribly long time ago!) and offers one to one teaching and coaching for children and adults wanting to learn to swim or improve their technique.
1-1 half hour teaching/technique improvement/coaching £25

Higher Lank Farm has been shortlisted for the FreeFrom Hero Award 2019!

Higher Lank Farm holidays has been shortlisted for the FreeFrom Hero Award 2019

We've been shortlisted for the FreeFrom Hero Award 2019!

family-friendly farmhouse holiday accommodation

Humpty Dumpty online booking and availability

children having fun in the endless indoor swimming pool at Higher Lank Farm