All the family can help feed our animals!

Every morning after breakfast, we feed our animals with the help of the young apprentice farmers staying. The very favourite activity is always feeding the chickens, ducks, geese and collecting the eggs. Even our tiniest guests love our poultry and are brave enough to throw a handful of corn! We always have chicks and ducklings hatching, and there is a chance to feed and hold them every morning too.

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autistic child playing with goat
one of the many breeds of duck on our farm to feed

Our feeding activities also include meeting our assortment of orphan lambs (all desperate for their bottles of milk!) and our family of pygmy goats. Our goat population has grown over the years from two to five these days – all with names and big personalities and all very tame. Your children will love feeding them branches of leaves and stroking them every morning before feeding them their breakfast.

Pony fun…

Twice a week, weather permitting, there is a chance to groom and ride our ponies. During 2009 we trained our pony, Pippa, to pull a trap, which has been a tremendous success as it has enabled even the most nervous toddler to have a ride.

Farmer Andrew (as he has now become known!) is a beef farmer, when not helping with breakfast and feeding our farm animals. He is happy to take you to see his herd of pedigree rare breed Belted Galloways and to tell you about the history of farming at Higher Lank. The farm has been in his family for three generations and our diversification has enabled our traditional and non-intensive farm practices to remain viable.

Our cows…

Our herd comprises mainly pedigree Belted Galloways, which are bred on the farm and then sold to other local farmers for finishing or breeding.

Depending on the time of your visit, we will also be hatching and rearing chicks, ducklings and goslings and tending to piglets, or orphan calves.

All these experiences are ones your children will remember and talk about long after your holiday is over.

As our animals are reared from infancy on the farm, they are all very children friendly, and are always pleased to see visitors. You are able to return and visit them at any time during the day. Many visiting children refuse to go to bed until they have been round to say goodnight!

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Higher Lank Farm has been shortlisted for the FreeFrom Hero Award 2019!

Higher Lank Farm holidays has been shortlisted for the FreeFrom Hero Award 2019

We've been shortlisted for the FreeFrom Hero Award 2019!

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feeding the lambs
child friendly cartoon sheep
an autistic toddler feeding the chickens at animal feeding with his family