At Higher Lank Farm our priority is to keep every family safe and well to ensure you all have an amazing holiday. 2022 update.

Keeping our guests safe during Coronavirus- from February 2022

Higher Lank Farm self catering safety policy.
Although government Covid restrictions have changed and will change again in March we have decided to continue with our current policy this year, as we know it enhances rather than detracts from the quality of the holidays of the families staying with us. 

In order to keep all guests safe and well I have risk assessed everything that we do on the farm we  to ensure the wellbeing of every family staying and the safety of our staff. We have had to make some changes to the way we do things and to the activities we offer to make this happen, and may have to make further changes if the government require it. This will mean that if you have stayed with us before, your holiday will be a little different, but we will do everything we can to ensure it is still a wonderful one. We will be continuing with our current Covid policy for the foreseeable future and anticipate it will remain in place through 2022 .


To ensure your cottage is Coronavirus free, we are asking families to arrive at 4.15pm or later to give us extra cleaning time.  We will welcome you outside your cottage so that we are able to maintain social distance. Following your arrival we will not enter your cottage unless there is an emergency.

A complimentary high tea will be waiting in your cottage on arrival. As I have now be joined the cleaning team it will be:

Cheese scones with butter, a Cornish cream tea, and a chocolate cake. Everything will still be available as allergy friendly when needed. All food will be prepared by me, and I will follow all the food hygiene rules that I use for allergy friendly cooking.

Our welcome tractor and trailer ride will now take place on one of the days of your stay, but not Saturday as Andrew has also been added to the cleaning team.

The cottages still have all the usual baby equipment and toys, and  a selection of children’s books.

In order to ensure that your cottage can be deep cleaned in time for 4.15pm arrival we are reducing the amount of crockery and kitchen equipment provided, anything extra can be delivered at your request when you need it. 

Animal feeding.

Animal feeding is now for both families Sunday-Friday.

We have added extra hand washing stations on the animal run, please make full use of them.

Both families will be able to visit the animals during the day if they would like.

We anticipate, swine fever permitting to have pigs in 2022, all our other animals are here and will have chicks/ducklings each week.

Pony and trap rides will go ahead as usual and we will offer them 2 times during the week, weather permitting. There will be no pony rides as we are unable to comply with our insurance criteria and meet social distancing rules.

Outside play areas.

All outside equipment will be disinfected on changeover. We have installed extra gates for the top playground (orchard). We have installed extra hand washing facilities in the top playground so that children can be encouraged to wash their hands regularly while playing there.

The Swimming pool rota is now as follows:

Sunday: Bo Peep 10.45-1pm.
Monday: Humpty Dumpty 10.30-12.30             Bo Peep 4-6pm.
Tuesday: Bo Peep 10.30-12.30                             Humpty Dumpty 4-6pm
Wednesday: Humpty Dumpty 10.30-12.30       Bo Peep 4-6pm
Thursday: Bo Peep 10.30-12.30                           Humpty Dumpty 4-6pm
Friday Humpty Dumpty 10.30-12.30

In line with Swim England guidance, we ask all guests to change in their cottages and arrive at the pool in swimming costumes with towels and any play equipment they would like to use. We have been instructed to remove all toys and play equipment from the pool area. The central changing room will be open for showering and toilet facilities.

To minimise the requirement for first aid and to help prevent any incidents, we require a parent to be in the water with children at all times, if the children are in the jacuzzi a parent must be in there with them. No child is permitted to be in either the pool or jacuzzi alone, they must be accompanied in the water at all times. Our first aiders will wear PPE to attend any incidents. We will be lifeguarding sessions via our CCTV system, which provides us with a clear view of the entire pool building.

The swimming pool bar will remain closed.


There is no animal feeding on a Saturday morning.
We ask all families to open all windows and doors on departure, whatever the weather, so that the cottages are fully aired before we start cleaning. We ask everyone to leave their cottage by 9.30 am latest  to give us the maximum time possible for deep cleaning. We are asking all families to strip the beds and place all bedding, towels and tea towels in their baths before departure. 

Coronavirus changeover cleaning schedule Higher lank Farm

We will clean each cottage throughly to our usual high standards and in addition:

focus on disinfecting and steam blasting high touch areas during the changeover clean which will help minimise the spread of the virus.  Whilst disinfecting the product we use on all the surfaces will be allowed maximum “dwell time” to be effective, before wiping  away. Where we can steam clean at a high temperature (over 90c) we will do so.

High touch points in the property which are hot spots for the virus.

  • Light switches & sockets (disinfect)
  • Toilets, taps, sinks, shower heads, soap dispensers (steam clean)
  • Door handles, window handles, furniture handles, door frames & windowsills (disinfect/steam clean)
  • Large appliances – Fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers (disinfect/steam clean)
  • Small appliances – Kettles, microwaves, toasters, coffee machines, televisions, radios,     hair dryers, vacuum cleaners etc. (disinfect)
  • Cleaning equipment – broom handles, dustpan & brush, cleaning products left for guests(disinfect)
  • Thermostats, remote controls, highchairs, stairgates etc. (disinfect/steam clean)
  • Stair banisters & handrails (indoor/outdoor) (disinfect/steam clean)
  • Bins cleaned inside and out (steam clean)
  • Outdoor furniture (disinfect)
  • Keys.(disinfect)
  • Curtains particularly along edges, blind pulls and furniture. (steam clean)
  • All kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery dishwasher.

We will sanitise:

  • All toys, including bath toys.
  • All pillows, cushions, duvets, toppers and mattress protectors.

We will use dettol fabric disinfectant/steam clean all soft furnishings that can’t be removed for washing.

Coronavirus symptom action plan.

We have been instructed by public health Cornwall to ask all our guests to contact us the day before they are due to arrive if anyone in their family is showing signs of Covid-19. If they are then you must not travel. We have been asked to check with you whilst you are staying on a regular basis to see if you have developed symptoms, if you do then you must book a test in your home town, and return home in your car immediately. We will then deep clean the cottage so that it is safe for the next family to stay.

Covid Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to travel due to local or national government restrictions we will fully refund your holiday.

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