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Pony fun for everyone no matter how small.

Autism friendly self catering farm holidays

Meet and stroke Pippa our pony and trap ride pony.
Clamber on and enjoy a ride around our pony ride field.
Meet and groom Millie.
Choose a riding hat…
and ride her with the help of farmers Lucy and Andrew.

 family-friendly self-catering farm holiday accommodation

No matter how young your child, they can take part in the fun of a pony ride – our youngest guest so far was an 8 week old baby! It’s great fun for older children too who can enjoy a ride on Millie up to the age of 15 and a pony and trap ride whatever their age.

We take health and safety seriously here, so for both our pony and trap and pony rides we have an adult (usually farmer Andrew) on the lead rein and an adult (usually Lucy) holding all small children round the waist to make sure they don’t fall. Rides take place on the grass too, with an opportunity for children to see the chickens, goats, pigs and often the lambs from much higher than usual!

A pony and trap and a pony ride for every child is included in all our holidays, usually as part of our animal feeding routine. We try and avoid rainy days so there is no set morning, just let us know if you are missing the animal run to go out for the day, so that we can make sure your children don’t miss out.

Autism friendly self catering farm holidays

family-friendly farmhouse holiday accommodation