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Eat well at Higher Lank Farm

Allergy friendly family farm holidays

Food at Higher Lank Farm is prepared to order from scratch with the best ingredients Lucy is able to buy.  The menu changes daily to accommodate the needs of our guests and seasonal availability.  We enjoy catering for special diets and people with food allergies. In particular, we specialise in cooking dairy, gluten and nut free food for babies, toddlers and children and for parents too. Despite being a beef farm, we welcome vegetarians (Lucy was one until she married Andrew!). All our food is home-made with, wherever possible, local ingredients. The only exception is our ice-cream which comes from Roskilly Farm/Kellys of Bodmin and our jams and marmalades from Boddingtons in Mevagissey.

children-friendly self-catering farm holidays at higher lank farm

Adult and childrens suppers

We cook and serve adult suppers on Monday, and Friday evenings. If you’re staying in one of our self catering cottages then we are happy to set the table for you in your cottage or for a candlelit supper in your garden. We will then  wait table to you where ever you have chosen. We offer a varied menu with special requests always welcome- just tell us what your favourite foods are and we will see what we can do.

Family meals are possible by arrangement, just ask.

All our teas are home-made from scratch and are varied to meet the eating requirements of our current smaller visitors. Whenever possible we use our own or local produce. All our meals are made to be allergy friendly when we have children with allergies staying.

Allergy friendly family farm holidays

sample welcome supper at higher lank farm
children-friendly farmhouse holidays at higher lank farm
allergy free, locally sourced, food at higher lank farm